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Steps 4 Success Psychological, Counselling and Coaching Services offers you a professional warm and caring team of psychologist who strive to provide a service that will meet the individual needs of a range of people to help grow your potential to be the best you can be.

There are times in life where issues seem just to complex, life too confusing and our pathways ahead uncertain. We can support you in being able to look at and re-think the way in which you may be dealing with a problem or situation and help you find solutions.

Through our service you are able to talk in complete confidence to a trained person who understands and cares.

Together we can embark on a journey of exploration of how the situation has developed and this involves getting to know and understand you and the issues.

The foundation of our service is to 'walk with you' exploring how you can identify your strengths and work on becoming the best you can be to achieve a more meaningful and purposeful life finding the steps 4 your own success.

There are a number of different steps you can take to achieve this change. There is the clinical counselling pathway or you might choose our life, business coaching pathway which includes people management.

We invite you to have a look through our website - to see if we can support you in meeting your needs whether you're looking for yourself, someone close to you or for employment related reasons we have a number of services that we feel may well support you in achieving your goals. However, in looking through our pages you are not able to see what you are looking for we would welcome your call - to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Kaylene Akins - Steps 4 Success Provides services such as:


A doctor (GP) Psychiatrist or Pediatrician can refer a patient to a psychologist under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Treatment Plan. As a client they can have up to 10 individual psychological counselling sessions and 10 group counselling sessions each calendar year under this type of plan. A Medicare rebate is claimable for part of the cost of these sessions.


The Better Outcomes in Mental Health Program (BOMH) is a program that enables doctors to refer patients to allied health professional for counselling if they meet particular criteria for sessions and delivers focused Psychological strategies. Speak to your doctor if you would like to know more about this program of go to this link to read more


People who have been involved in Workplace incidents and are experiencing psychological distress or impact can be referred by their doctor for psychological treatment sessions to help the client deal with the issues to help in the process of returning to work. Sessions are funded through the workplace insurance company if liability has been accepted and your doctor has referred you for treatment.


The approved counselling service provides free individual counselling for people who have been victims of violent crimes that occurred in NSW. This is short-term for up to 22 hours and can assist victims of events that have recently occurred by also support those who have been too afraid to open up about past abuse which is impacting on their lives now. To learn more or apply for counselling go to


Counselling can also be helpful for people who do not wish to be referred through a doctor or other services. While there is no Medicare rebate for these sessions’ clients who have private health insurance may find that their health fund will provide a rebate depending on the level of cover. Ask your health fund what type of rebate you are entitled to.


More and more people are turning to a life coach for support to improve their life and take on new directions. Life coaching is goal directed and helps you create and maintain change by finding solutions to be able to enhance your performance and life experience through personal growth in a supportive and collaborative space. It helps you identify your strengths and use these to get more out of your life. The difference between coaching and therapy is that the client does not necessarily perceive themselves as having a mental health problem. They are looking to achieve more and through coaching can explore any barriers getting in the way. So in this collaborative approach together we can design strategies to overcome these barriers by looking at different pathways to achieve your goals.


As with life coaching, business and executive coaching provides the same supportive and collaborative approach but more for the business person and executive who have reached their place of employment through dedication and commitment but then find that they have no one to turn to, to talk about those things that they may be challenged with. Stress management, workplace relationships, interpersonal savvy, motivating others, communication, leadership skills, time management, listening skills, dealing with conflict, making those hard decisions, strategic management; and self-care to mention a few can all be assisted with a coaching model.


In line with the coaching model – whether you are a sole trader, company or organisation we are likely to be able to help you achieve your needs. Our services include a needs analysis; psychological testing and personality profiling; recruitment and selection; mentoring and coaching; performance management; trauma and critical incident support; team building; supervision and employee assistance programs (EAP). We can offer an Employee and Management Assistance Program which includes workshops tailored to suit your particular needs with the aim of sustaining you and/or your workforce by taking a ‘well-being’ approach to people’s mental, emotional and physical health to achieve a high quality and sustainable workforce who are committed and productive. This can include topics such as dealing with changes, goal setting, work/life balance, and preparation for retirement, enhancing communication in the workplace, team building, effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety; more self- awareness; mental health in the workplace, and ensuring physical well-being.


For Registered Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals

Kaylene currently provides clinical supervision and consultation to registered psychologists and other allied health professionals


Group work can assist with managing/improving depression and anxiety; stress management; relaxation & meditation; building confidence; breathing techniques; pain management; sleep hygiene; and parenting issues. Ring our office to express you interest in doing a group.

We welcome your interest in any of the services we offer and are only too willing to talk to you about what your needs may be and how we can help you. We aim to support people to be able to reach their true potential by assisting you, your family or your business/organisation to find more meaning, purpose and direction to enhance your life experiences; your work performance and to grow in a direction that sees you strive to be the best you can be.



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